"We need a way to update our donors on their impact and raise additional funds — quickly!"



When a series of devastating hurricanes hit in rapid succession, this was the urgent need Convoy of Hope brought to BBS & Associates. 

We dropped a hugely successful Hurricane Harvey Urgent Gram — a type of emergency mailing using pre-printed stock that takes very little time to produce — in just three days. Then we dropped another effective Hurricane Irma Urgent Gram in just four days. Through such agile fundraising, boots were put on the ground very quickly once these disasters struck.

And the Urgent Gram mailings produced more than 40-to-1 and 13-to-1 ROIs, respectively!

But with such an overwhelming need in such a short time frame, upholding Convoy of Hope’s commitments — 1) staying in the communities they serve until the end, not just during disaster, and 2) reporting back to donors on the impact of their generosity — would require quick action.


BBS & Associates was up to the task. We came up with an Impact Report showing photos and results from the hurricane relief efforts those Urgent Gram responses made possible.

The Impact Report generated an additional 334 gifts — raising a total of $82,819 — for ongoing relief projects for the hurricanes’ victims.

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Just as important, this report established trust and credibility with the donors who had already given to Convoy’s hurricane relief efforts — and will be remembered by those generous partners the next time they receive an Urgent Gram.

If you’d like help generating quick donor response to immediate (and ongoing) needs in the wake of disaster and other emergencies, we would love to talk with you.