"We want to engage our most generous donors in a one-of-a-kind way they will remember!"

Food for the Hungry


Food for the Hungry came to BBS & Associates looking for a way to make sure their end-of-year proposal — raising funds to save the lives of children in crisis — stood out in the mail and really spoke to the hearts of their most generous partners.


With this vision in mind, we decided to send Food for the Hungry’s high-impact donors a puzzle as a gift — and a tangible reminder of their unique and valuable role in the ministry.



To create intrigue and inspire donors to open the letter, the envelope features:

  1. A powerful photo of a family in need
  2. A special die-cut window where an important piece of the puzzle — a piece entitled “YOU” — shows through

Upon opening the envelope, the donor finds a custom puzzle with a missing piece — and the “YOU” puzzle piece attached to the letter.

The donor can then detach the “YOU” piece from the letter and insert it where the missing piece should go, completing the image and making the puzzle whole.

Not only is the puzzle eye-catching in the mail, but it also helps these significant contributors know that they really do have an important part to play in the puzzle of ending extreme poverty, and that Food for the Hungry cannot accomplish this work without them.

And such a unique gift would be hard for the donor to just “throw away.” They can keep the puzzle on a coffee table or desk as a reminder of their impact, and their relationship with the ministry … or even give it to a child or grandchild to play with and enjoy!

If you would like help reinforcing your ministry’s relationship with higher-level donors in a way that stands out, we would love to talk with you.