Strategic Analysis & Reporting

We analyze results continuously and report back to you with an eye toward improving results.

Donor Analytics:

What’s working — and what’s not — with your current and prospective donors? We’ll identify and report on performance trends to help you optimize every communication.

Ministry Analytics:

We’ll help you develop and analyze the ongoing key indicators important to your unique ministry.

Segmentation and Donor Modeling:

We’ll be there to navigate things like wealth and demographic append, optimizing segmentation, modeling to help better target new donors, reactivate lapsed donors, lift current donors, and more.

Customized Reporting:

Whether it’s a Donor Performance Index, prospect/donor conversion report, or executive monthly reports, we’ll customize to meet your needs.

Industry Trends:

By tapping our decades of experience and a wealth of ongoing research, we’ll guide you toward healthy, thriving donor relationships.