"We have major donors coming to a ministry event. What can we give them to say thank you?"

Shared Hope International


When Shared Hope International celebrated their 16th anniversary of bringing restoration to women and children victimized by sex trafficking, the ministry invited their most generous donors to one of several special dinners taking place across the United States. 

They asked BBS & Associates to develop a gift these donors could take home — reflecting not only the value and impact of their exceptional partnership, but also Shared Hope’s gratitude. 


With this objective in mind, we created a beautiful booklet, featuring:

  1. Stories of lives touched and transformed by the work that the donors’ great generosity empowers.
  2. A timeline of Shared Hope’s most significant milestones over 16 years of ministry.
  3. Detailed information about the ministry’s current programs, resources, and financial accountability.
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Shared Hope loved being able to distribute such an encouraging piece at the event. And the donors were thrilled to see what a significant impact their partnership made over the years in the lives of vulnerable and exploited victims of the sex-trafficking industry. 

The gift book sparked wonderful conversation between Shared Hope and the donors at the event — and some of their best major donor events to date — and kept the ministry on donors’ minds later at home, as they showed the book to friends and relatives, potentially inspiring new donors.

Several other ministries have even approached us about producing a similar booklet made for them.

If you would like help creating a stand-out gift to thank and honor donors attending a ministry event, we would love to talk with you.